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Isolation breaks an individual down to their core elements. Isolation in a small enclosed space, takes that person, and removes all hope. Even the notion of escape loses meaning after a while. Observe, while you explore the mysterious room, traveling through time using an antique radio, as you watch a man succumb to the room syndrome.

The (Room)

The Room Syndrome is a short puzzling experience. Unravel time travel and explore the room throughout the timeline. Find the solution to your escape, and solve the mystery of the room's melancholy resident.

The (Syndrome)

As you explore, uncover the history and the future of the room's inhabitant, and discover their story. Be sensitive and observant, because your choices may have consequences, and the characters could react to your actions.

The (The)

Being my first game published, I felt it was right to release it for free. It is a short and meaningful experience that I believe you will find fascinating. This was published first on Steam, but I wanted to spread the love, so I brought it here to! If you like it, leave a nice review there too!

Install instructions

Just extract zip into a folder, then RUN the .EXE
Download the Steam version for convenience!


The Room Syndrome ITCHIO EDITION.zip 33 MB

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Love the game, played the whole thing. As a developer I respect your effort. I don't create indie games, but still I very much enjoy them. Though a small game, it is an excellent play. I would say the only bug in your file is keypress problems when a paradox forms and you are in front of the chest. Otherwise, I encountered very few bugs.

I am fully obsessed with the aesthetic of this game, it is so simple but so damned beautiful!! I only managed to get one of the endings (and I don't think a particularly good one) but I will be playing it some more to try and get the others!